Saturday, February 7, 2015

Awesome Ice Cubes and Energy Drinks

Awesome Ice Cubes and Energy Drinks

So as you all know, I love doing product reviews. Why you ask? Because I get free stuff to do it, so in essence, I get to do this:

Yes, in case you were wondering, I do love Wayne's World. 

In this post I'm going to review not one, but two, TWO products at once.  And if you combine them, you can get really cold energy drinks.  Yes… get excited.

Product #1

Behind door number one (Pic of bob barker doors), we have Liquid Ice energy drinks. First off, I want to preface that I LOVE ENERGY DRINKS.  I also love coffee, guarana, and anything else that gives me all this energy and replaces sleep.  Game on!

So the nice folks at Liquid Ice sent me 2 of their dranks (red drank and blue drank) and some swag like a hat and tee shit and junk.  So what did I do with a few of my friends? Yes… we drank the shi*t out of them.  Then what happened you may ask? We went out for the night and ran around. 

So were they good? Hell yeah they were. Well… I liked them more than one of my friends who said the drinks reminded him of off brand soda, but in energy drink form.  I highly recommend drinking them with vodka, so instead of a Red Bull vodka, Liquid Ice vodka. And you can also get both red and blue colors and mix them to get purple drank.  I'm not sure if Liquid Ice has other colors beyond blue and red, but if they do, then the color combos are endless. 

Product #2

What is the next amazing product you ask?  Ice ball makers by Arctic Chill.  These little rubber things make round ice that keep your drink colder longer.  How you ask? I have no clue, but that’s what the company said it does.

These things were pretty cool, but only fit in really fat glasses.  They actually wouldn’t fit into a pint glass.    

So what did I do with my giant ice ball you ask?  Drumroll…. Drank it with tequila.  And it was awesome. My tequila was cold but I didn’t follow the exact scientific method or anything with another glass with normal ice cubes and a thermometer in both. We’ll just assume that the giant ice ball kept my drink super cold. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

How to Kill it at Mojitos

How to Kill it at Mojitos

OOOKAY! As usual, I'm a little late on these kinds of things, but welcome to summer everyone!

Now that it’s hot as f*ck out, it’s time for ice cold delicious summer drinks.  I bartended a party a few weeks ago where I must have made 100 mojitos, which is an excellent drink for sitting outside and sipping on a  warm summer day.  And it inspired me to write this post.

If you know me, I insist on my cocktails being made awesome, and mojitos are easy to eff up because they have so many ingredients and steps.  Not quite the same
ballgame as cracking a Bud Light or pouring a gin and tonic bro. 

Lets dive in, shall we?

Have you ever had a mojito where the sugar is all way on the bottom? Either just kind of sitting there or formed into a crusted at the bottom of your glass?  That mojito wasn’t done awesome, it was done shitty.  In this post I'm going to cover a few little know details on how avoid this mistake and have your mojito be awesome.  Also, everything that I say in this post also goes for caipirinhas. 

You can go to any one of a million website to find a mojito recipe so I'm not going to cover that here. I'm going to talk the good stuff that you won’t get anywhere else.

Here’s the main thing:

The order in which you add the ingredients as well as when you muddle makes all of the difference.  Here is the order (I'm not going to include the qualities here because the rest of the internet is plastered with that stuff and everyone likes their mojito a little different):
Step 1: add the limes
Step 2: add the mint
Step 4: add the sugar

Adding the sugar last is the key detail.  Why, you ask?  Adding the sugar last will give the sugar the best chance to dissolve into the rum when you add it, and then more when you muddle as the next step.  If you add it first, it can get underneath the other ingredients and will not have as good of a chance to dissolve. 

As a bonus to our sugar dilemma, here is the reason to add the limes then mint.  If the mint goes in first, it just gets pressed against the bottom when you muddle.  If it is on top of the limes, it gets mushed up better and more of its flavor is released.  Delicious and refreshing.

Next step: muddle

By this time, the sugar should be pretty well dissolved.  But we’re not done yet! Next pour everything into the glass in which you will serve the drink.  This will help all of the ingredients, including the sugar, mix around some more. 

Now you can add ice and follow the remainder of your mojito recipe. A lot of times people add the ice too soon. This will chill the rum (a good thing) before the sugar has had sufficient opportunity to dissolve (a bad thing).  The colder the liquid, the less the sugar will dissolve.  Sugar dissolves best in warmer liquids, so don’t eff that up by adding ice too soon.

Boom.  How to have delicious cold mojitos on a hot summer day. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Fall's New Best Drink - Pumpkin Latte Martini

Pumpkin Latte Martini

As usual, I'm a little alter in posting a seasonal article, so please just pretend that I posted it a few weeks ago when I actually wrote it.  Ready…. GO!

Fall is here… cool weather is upon us, the leaves are changing color and Thanksgiving (fuck YES) is right around the corner.  It also means that it’s that time of year for one of my favorite flavors: pumpkin.  I had a few influences for this drink.  Mostly pumpkin coffee that I crush by the gallon.  I'm just making a booze version of it here.

Since I love pumpkin so much, I'm taking the Pumpkin Martini recipe that I made last year to the next level.  Even if you’re not a pumpkin flavor lover, this martini is delicious.  I’d ask if you’re ready, but I know you are…

I know, it actually exists...
-1 and 1/4 ounces Pinnacle Pumpkin Pie Vodka
-1 and 1/4 ounces Van Gogh Double Espresso Vodka (can be replaced with real espresso, but this was will get you less drunk. By a lot.
-A splash of half and half pumpkin coffee creamer
Depending on how coffee-y you like it, put more of the espresso vodka and less pumpkin vodka.  It also turns out awesome. 


Monday, September 30, 2013

How to Help the Bartender Not Eff Up Your Order

Do bartenders ever get your drink order wrong?  If yes, sorry- it happens.  There’s good news here- you can do something about it. 

In this post I'm going to go over some dos and don’ts when it comes to ordering at the bar. This will help the bartender give you better service and get your drinks right.  Unless you want to be one of those people the bartenders make fun of later in the night…

1)     Talk LOUD
It’s loud in bars and clubs.  If you order speaking slightly louder than normal, the bartender won’t hear you.  We can’t read lips.  You have to project.  I.e., yell.  This way we will clearly hear what you want and not have to ask a few times.  It will also stop the bartender from hearing the wrong thing.

2)     Don’t Spit When you Talk
Yes, people do this, especially when talking loud.  And you may be one of them.  A lot of times the bartender will lean in a little so they can hear you better.  However, this also can put them into spitting range. Not only is it gross, it’s distracting.  So while you are ordering and potentially spitting everywhere (mostly in and around our face) we get distracted (by the spit) and don’t hear all of what you want.  Would you risk more spit in your eye to ask what the order was again?  Thought not…  

3)     Know Your Order Ahead of Time
Has nothing to do with this post,
but it's what came up when I did
a Google Image search for "decisive"
Bartenders are under a lot of pressure to serve everyone waiting quickly.  If it’s busy and the bartender gets to you and you’re all, “ummm… uhhh… I think…” or have to ask your friends standing behind you what they want, it’s pretty fucking annoying.  When you finally do get your order out, chances are we may be busy thinking that you’re a jackass instead of all the way listening.  So please just have your order ready to go.

4)     Say Your Order Once, All the Way Through
This is the most important one.  Along with the spitting one.  If you say your order all the way through, then it’s pretty easy to remember and get right.  Here’s an example of how the order a few drinks the right way: “I’ll have one vodka soda, two vodka tonics, and two gin and tonics”.  Clear, right?  Right!  DON’T:
Again, has nothing to do with this
post but I had a hard time finding
pics for this article.  And I think this
picture is awesome.
-Pause in the middle
-Back up
-Repeat themselves
-Make changes mid order
Doing this is effing confusing.  If you do this, we can mostly just guess what and how many of what you actually want.  We probably also forgot half of it. 

So stop being that guy/girl.